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Call Answering Services: The Myths

For many businesses both small and large, the benefit of using a call answering service is a no brainer. It effectively deals with overflow, allows your business to be operational 24/7 and can be[...]
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4 Staff Christmas Party Ideas for Your Office

Business Christmas Party Ideas For Any Budget There is nothing quite like the Office Christmas Party. Not only is it a chance to see people dressed in something other than work wear, but it’s[...]
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The 4 Universal Laws of Office Life

It’s fair to say that most professionals nowadays work in an office environment. Whilst our industries differ, office life itself has many similarities, and whether you work for a bank or an[...]
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Combating the Winter Workplace Slog

Winter is a tough time to be at work. The reduction in light, the unforgiving temperatures (we’re British, so anything below 10 degrees is eligible for complaint), the frenetic workload in[...]
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The Importance of Staff Training

When you employ someone new there can often be the danger of expecting a little too much too soon. While someone may look great on paper and indeed be a highly skilled individual, by failing to put[...]
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Improve Your Workplace Email Etiquette

With team messaging programs like Slack becoming more and more popular, it’s not surprising that people having been questioning whether email in the workplace can – or should - endure.
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Procrastination: Be a Doer, Not a Delayer

They aren’t always mutually exclusive of course, but at some point, usually in adolescence, we discover that there is a chasm between those things we want to do and those things we must do. This[...]
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3 Job Perks Even a Small Business Can Adopt

Whilst it is a much appreciated facility, a water cooler is no longer deemed a ‘perk’ of a job, rather it is an expectation. The modern era of business has seen companies come up with ever more[...]
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Workplace Bullying Definition: How to Oust the Elephant in the Room

It may come as a shock to some but by definition, workplace bullying isn’t technically defined as unlawful. Whilst harassment at work is treated very seriously (see the Equality Act 2010) bullying[...]
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How to Deter the Office Food Thief

Deterring the Lunchtime Thief... We’ve all been there, a little trip to the fridge - looking forward to your strawberry yoghurt for your mid-morning snack only to find it’s vanished. Poof. Gone.
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