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Charlotte Menhennet

Charlotte Menhennet

Charlotte began her Answer4u career back in 2011 and quickly gained a reputation for her commitment to deliver unparalleled levels of customer service. After developing a keen interest in sales she transitioned into her current role as Sales Manager in 2016 and continues to draw upon her experience and extensive product knowledge to offer a proactive style to the benefit of all new clients.

How Do Full-Time Workers Effectively Kick-Start Their Startups?

You have a great idea. You think your startup would really catch on. You’re inspired. Unfortunately, you’re also working a full-time job that you can’t afford to quit. You’re not alone. Most[...]
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5 Signs Your Fantastic Web Copy Has Gone Stale

Good copy is a vital part of your website’s ability to attract customers and rank well with Google, but even the most engaging copy needs to be refreshed once in a while if it’s to continue[...]
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Facebook for Business: A New World that Marketers Need to Inhabit

As a business, being on social media is a prerequisite for building your brand and following. You’ll set up a Twitter account and diligently tweet things that your audience might find valuable.[...]
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Phase Three of Entrepreneurship – Startup

If you’ve completed all your business planning, now is the time to move to the third phase of entrepreneurship – start-up. This is the stage where you ‘press play’, and begin trading.
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How to Deter the Office Food Thief

Deterring the Lunchtime Thief... We’ve all been there, a little trip to the fridge - looking forward to your strawberry yoghurt for your mid-morning snack only to find it’s vanished. Poof. Gone.
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3 Vital Life Hacks to Becoming More Productive

Productivity is a quality that is often paired with success. When you think of a successful day, it’s often one where you’ve been productive – you’ve achieved a number of objectives and you’ve[...]
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How Much are Missed Telephone Calls Costing your Business?

The first impression you give to your customers is the one that lasts the longest. If a customer can’t reach your company over the phone, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle in that sales[...]
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