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Efficient Email Handling: Inbox Management for greater efficiency and better time management.
Effective 24/7 Order Taking Call Centre Service to process your telephone orders.
Professional 24/7 Sales Literature Request Call Handling to respond to customer needs.
Skilled Media & Advertising Response Call Handling for sales and customer support.
Expert 24 hour Telephone Answering Call-Out Services for effective customer response.
Professional 24 hour Disaster Recovery Call Centre Services for full telephone handling resilience.
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Our Call Centre Manifesto

The thing which separates the great from the good is very often attention to detail. Here at Answer4u, we strive to be the best in the industry, which is why we take a lot of time in training our staff so that they, in turn, can be the best support to your business.

As such, our training has some core principles at the heart of it, and it's these beliefs which act as the foundation for all the work we do

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is Power

We know how frustrating it is as a customer to speak to a representative who clearly doesn't know the product or service very well. It wastes time, infuriates all involved and reflects badly on the business. As such, we dedicate a vast amount of time in training our agents for each individual client, and only when they know your business inside out, do we let them represent you.

People Like People

People Like People

Scripts that won't be deviated from are one of the number one pet peeves of many people. in many ways it's more infuriating then being put through to an automated service, because while a human could go off-script, in many companies they're prohibited from doing so leading to many circular and frustrating interactions. While our agents adhere to guidelines set by you, we actively encourage that the human touch isn't missed and that active listening and empathy are employed in each call.

People Like Individuality

People Like Individuality

In much the same way people dislike speaking to a robot, nor do they like being treated as one. We make a point of our agents using CRM systems which give them all the background details they need for each customer, including their name and the back-log of their interactions with us. This personal touch combined with being 'on the ball' makes your customers feel that they are valued and in safe hands, and means they don't have to explain who they are and the nature of their enquiry over and over.

Be Bold, Don't Hold (For Long Anyway)

Be Bold, Don't Hold (For Long Anyway)

It's easy when the panic sets in for agents to get a little over-enthusiastic with the hold button. Of course, our agents are only (albeit brilliant) humans, and there will be times when they need advice or help from other colleagues. We encourage that agents seek help when they need it, but to also use the hold button sparingly and for short amounts of time, continually checking back to reassure the customer they are handling the situation. These little habits can make all the difference when handling a tricky call and ensure that your customers go away feeling happy with the treatment they received.

Simple Right?

Simple Right?

We know, they aren't exactly groundbreaking rules really, and yet in our experience talking with many business owners over the years, it seems that many agencies similar to ours simply don't employ them. In customer service, a little attention to detail goes a long way and it's by using rules like the four above that help us do that day in and day out.

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